(geen straatnaam) nr 268 Livezile (Rumanía)


The southwestern Oltenia is a disprivileged area in every aspect. The inhabitants are poor, have bad living conditions and many of them cannot read or write. Almost everybody is Orthodox, which in this area, which was occupied by the Turks for many centuries, is mixed with heathen influences.

Other than in the rest of Romania, Oltenia counts few Christians. Since this poor region of Romania is so much in need of Jesus, the Dutch Baks family has moved from Timişoara to this region in 2012. Together with a Romanian couple, Gabi and Mari, and the young man Ionuţ, they are working on two church plants in Vanju Mare en Livezile, with a particular focus on children's and youth work.

Back in 1991 ECM workers Daniel and Mariana Cocar have planted a church in an Oltenian village, after an evangelistic outreach. This village is about 300 kilometers away from their hometown, Timişoara. Encouraged by the Cocar family, a Romanian young man, Gabi, has moved to the Oltenian village of Vanju Mare in 2008, to plant churches and to work with children and youth. In the meanwhile Gabi is married to Mari, they have a daughter.

By the end of 2011 Gabi has started a church in Livezile, a small town close to Vanju Mare. The inhabitants of this town are significantly poorer than those in Vanju Mare and also the level of development is quite behind. Even though many inhabitants call themselves (Orthodox) Christians, they carry along century old traditions and customs. Added to this the many abuses within families, alcoholism and illiteracy of many inhabitants, the picture of the hopelessness of the situation is complete. Also here in Livezile, the team wants to bring hope for a better future. A future of faith, hope and love.